Wahl Shower Proof Aqua Groom

  • Wahl Lithium Ion Shower Proof Head to toe grooming kit
  • 3-hour run time
  • 1-hour full charge
  • Quick charge function: 15-minute run time on a 5-minute quick charge. This function is great when the battery dies, and you need to get going quickly Almost no charge loss in storage
  • The trimmer has a strong rotary motor powered by a lithium ion battery Together they deliver the cutting power you need while holding the charge very well.

  • The Aqua Groom is perfect for grooming in the shower. After you groom, simply turn on the shower and watch the mess wash away. Ensure the unit and the blades are dry before storing.
  • The rubber sides provide a non-slip grip and make handling easy
  • The blades that come in this set are Self-sharpening, high carbon Precision steel blades which means they stay sharper for longer
  • Wahl blades are Precision-ground which means smooth cutting 3 Rinseable & Interchangeable cutting heads the allow for cutting, trimming, shaping, shaving, edging, detailing & full body grooming
  • Full Size Foil Shaver Head – the long hair cutter bar & dual foil shavers in this head knock down the beard & achieve a smooth finish. The foil shaver cuts down to 0.2mm (45mm cutting width)
  • Standard trimmer blade – cuts 0.5 mm stubble with a bare blade, to full beard when paired with Wahl’s quality attachment combs (25mm cutting width)
  • Zero-Overlap Ultra Close T-blade – the design of this blade allows for an up to 60% closer trim than Wahl’s standard trimmer blade. The is the closest cutting trimmer blade in the consumer market (35mm cutting width)
  • Travel Lock Feature – ensures unit will remain off during travel or in storage. Simply hold the power button for five secons to activate and do the same to de-activate. Lightweight and the perfect travel companion
  • LED charge light indicator will pulse while charging and remain lit when fully charged
  • Multiple combs & comb lengths to maintain any look
  • Cleaning brush & oil included for easy maintenance
  • Head to toe grooming
  • Blades and attachments pop off for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Soft zipper storage case means everything can be neatly and safely stored away
  • Made in the USA

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