Wahl Lithium Ion Beard & Body

  • Wahl Lithium Ion Beard & Body Trimmer Kit
  • 3 Hour Run Time
  • 3x the power and run-time of conventional trimmers
  • 1 Hour Full Charge
  • 1 minute quick charge for a 3 minute run time. This function is great when the battery dies and you need to get going quickly
  • Almost no charge loss in storage
  • The trimmer has a strong rotary motor powered by a lithium ion battery Together they deliver the cutting power you need while holding the charge very well
  • 22 Piece kit with a zip up storage bag

  • The blades that come in this set are Self-sharpening, high carbon Precision steel blades which means they stay sharper for longer
  • Wahl blades are Precision-ground which means smooth cutting
  • 2 interchangeable heads that allow for cutting, trimming, shaping, shaving, detailing, edging and full body grooming
  • 4 Beard trimming combs and 8 hair trimming combs for functional cutting and a variety of lengths
  • Self-Sharpening Blade Technology
  • T-blade trimmer head for head to toe grooming and cutting hair, cuts 0.5mm on the blade, cutting width 34mm. The
  • T-blade can be use to trim, shape and shave your beard. The blade has a wider cutting width so it cuts more hair and makes grooming quick and easy
  • The Foil Shaver head cuts down to 0.2mm. Use this attachment to shave on the skin or to outline your beard
  • LED Charging Indicator Light
  • Set includes a red socket plug. Insert this plug into the socket at the bottom and it prevents the trimmer from coming on while you travel
  • Auto Charge Off
  • Head to toe grooming
  • Blades and attachments pop off for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Soft zipper storage case means everything can be neatly and safely stored away
  • Made in the USA

Ensure all attachments are dry before storing

Should not be stored in a moist environment

Useful Tip: Wahl blades are self-sharpening so when oiled and cleaned regularly, before and after every use, it extends the blade life. The Wahl blade oil helps to push trapped hair out from in between the blades. This means there is less pressure and the motor will last longer.

Blade types: Pop off: T-blade & foil shaver head

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