Wahl Close Cut Pro

  • Powerful Corded Clipper with Self-Sharpening, High Carbon Precision Fine Tooth Steel Blades that stay sharper for longer
  • Wahl blades are Precision ground which means smooth cutting
  • Corded clipper for continuous power
  • PowerDrive Heavy Duty Motor to tackle thick hair
  • The Fixed Fine Tooth Precision Blade ensures the smoothest and closest possible cut
  • The finer the blade teeth, the finer the quality, the closer the cut
  • Recommended for Fading/Close Cuts/Chiskop and even facial shaving and body grooming
  • Zero overlap blade capability gives you the closest possible cut

  • Cuts 0.6mm on the blade
  • Soft-touch elements and ergonomic shape
  • This is a single cut clipper and is not adjustable, designed for close cutting
  • If you are looking for a super close and smooth cut, this tool is for you
  • Everything can be neatly and safely stored away in the hard cover storage case
  • Very strong, built for power and made in the USA

Blade Size & Type: Full Size 40 mm cutting width, 45mm Fine Tooth Blade designed for this clipper

Useful Tip: Wahl blades are self-sharpening so when oiled and cleaned regularly, before and after every use, it extends the blade life. The Wahl blade oil helps to push trapped hair out from in between the blades. This means there is less pressure and the motor will last longer

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