Wahl Taper Blade Set

Wahl Taper Blade Set

  • Self-sharpening high carbon precision steel blade that stays sharper for longer
  • Chrome plated
  • Bottom blade 21° bevel
  • Longer blade teeth
  • Allows a 1mm – 3mm cut length
  • Great for clipper over comb work
  • Easy to pick up and feed hair

  • Glides through longer hair
  • Off scalp cutting techniques
  • Perfect for any cut
  • Standard professional replacement blade for the designer & fits full size clippers 79305-016, 9247-1416, 79300-1616, 8357-100, 79524-4416, 9243-5216, 79305-3658, 9236-1016
  • Wahl blades are Ground as opposed to being stamped, giving a closer and finer precision cut
  • When oiled regularly it extends blade life
  • Professional taper blade
  • Fits full size clippers

Useful Tip: Wahl blades are self-sharpening so when oiled and cleaned regularly, before and after every use, it extends the blade life. The Wahl blade oil helps to push trapped hair out from in between the blades. This means there is less pressure and the motor will last longer.

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